Boosting Your Immune System


Macrophages are the work horse of your immune system.


Immune system work horse


     Macrophages are the work horse of your immune system. There are three types of macrophages - one for defense, one for wound healing, and one for immune regulation.

      Macrophages for defense are the “pac-man” of your immune system. They gobble up everything that is not a normal cell such as cancer cells, mutated cells, cells infected by pathogens, corpses of dead cells, virus, etc. What they eat is digested and comes out as simple nutrients useable by your body.

      Macrophages for wound healing initiates adhesion of body cells and stem cells while their “pac-man” counterpart eat the debris.

      Macrophages for immune regulation tag markers on pathogens so that they are readily indentifiable by their “pac-man” counterpart and other killer cells. This allows fast defensive action by the immune system.

      When the population of macrophages in your body is at its optimum level, you will be free from almost any disease. So, why do people get sick? Obviously, it is mostly due to non-optimal population of macrophages.


Why we get sick


      Macrophages are not produced directly by our body. They are the result of the activation of the white blood Monocytes by the enzyme, GcMAF. GcMAF is produced by our liver while Monocytes are produced by our bone marrow. The production of GcMAF is obstructed by the enzyme, Nagalase. The higher the concentration of Nagalase in our blood, the lesser is the production of GcMAF. The lower the quantity of GcMAF available in our body, the lesser is the number of Monocytes being converted to macrophages. Secondary infections can easily prosper in our body when the population of macrophages is low.


A Logical Solution


      Nagalase is an enzyme produced by virus and cancer cells. This is their defense system against our immune system. Fortunately, Nagalase and GcMAF do not interact with each other. Adding GcMAF to the body is therefore a viable solution to increase our immunity level. Take GcMAF regularly to ensure a boost in your immune system level.




      GcMAF used to be available only as an injectable or as a food concoction. The usual problem was the consistency and shelf life. You just have to be near the place where it is being produced. This year, GcMAF is now available in capsule form with a shelf life of more than a year with GcMAF concentration standardized. GcMAF cream preparations are also starting to appear.

      GcMAF is a natural molecule produced by the liver. Copyright laws do not allow copyrights for natural molecules or their use. FDA rules and regulations do not have any jurisdiction on natural molecules. GcMAF therefore cannot obtain FDA approval as a presciptive medicine. GcMAF can only get an FDA approval as a food supplement.



Does GcMAF cure cancer?


      GcMAF is a food supplement and therefore cannot legally claim any therapeutic effect. However, a cancer clinic in Japan is using GcMAF together with some medically approved cancer treatment procedure. They have achieved high remission rates for their Stage4 cancer patients. Some of them are already in remission for 5 years or more. No medical side effects were observed.

      GcMAF has also been found to be effective in viral diseases, psoriasis, CFS, Dementia, Alzhiemer, and even HIV when used together with medically approved treatment procedures. So, if your doctor tells you that you are suffering from an incurable disease and have limited time to live, don't dispair. Get in touch with us. We cannot guarantee you a cure but miracles do happen. You might be another one of the many people who lived to tell how GcMAF helped them.

      Saisei Mirai clinics have a high remission rates for treatment of stage 4 cancers such as (breast cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, etc.) using GcMAF together with other approved cancer protocols. They also have good results for treatment of lupus, psoriasis, ms, Alzheimer, autism, tuberculosis, dementia, hepatitis, and even HIV.




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