Tips When You Buy GcMAF


      When buying GcMAF products online, be sure that the physical office address can be found in the website. As a natural molecule, GcMAF products are allowed to have FDA approval as a food, health, and/or nutritional supplement only. An FDA approval from its country of manufacture means that the product has been manufactured in GMP facilities with acceptable quality control in place. FDA approved supplements are safe to use when dossage instructions are followed.

      Oral Colostrum GcMAF is manufactured by Saisei Mirai Clinics at its GMP facilities in Japan. Saisei Mirai is licensed in Japan to manufacture GcMAF food supplements. Packaging is 60 small capsules per bottle. One capsule delivers 100 nanograms of GcMAF. Minimum order quantity is 1 bottle. Expiration is more than 1 year, longer if kept refrigerated. No need for refrigeration during transport via air forwarders.


      The link above brings you straight to the Order Page of Hearth Pharmacy. Hearth Pharmacy is currently experiencing delivery problems in several countries such as UK, Western European countries, and Russia. Customs refuses to release GcMAF shipments in these countries. Saisei Mirai no longer accepts shipments to these countries. They expect more countries to follow suit. Please email admin before you make any order.

      Delivery cost adds a significant amount to your total cost. Ordering 5 bottles or more is usually considered commercial quantity and is subject to 20 – 30 % customs duties and Value added Tax. Import permit and FDA clearance might be required. Admin might have a worry free solution for you.


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