How To Boost Your Immune System


     Boost your immune system by taking GcMAF supplements. GcMAF is required to activate your white blood cell, Monocytes, into Macrophages. Macrophages eat everything that is not a normal cell in your body such as cancer cells, mutated cells, cells infected by pathogens, corpses of dead cells, virus, etc. Macrophages also assist in wound healing, or in immune regulation.

      Macrophages are not produced by your body directly. Monocytes become Macrophages when they are activated by the enzyme, GcMAF. Your bone marrow produces the Monocytes while your liver produces GcMAF. However, there are times when your liver does not produce enough GcMAF for your daily needs. That is why taking GcMAF supplements to boost your immunity level is a good health maintenance practice. Low levels of Macrophages enable cancer, virus, pathogens, etc. to imbed themselves into your body.


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